Does Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment Really Help?

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What to Expect from Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment

The only truly effective way to treat alcoholism in a lasting way, and to help patients feel reignited in their lives, is through a professional and accredited rehabilitation facility. There are many different formats for the treatment of alcohol addiction, and outpatient therapy is often preferable for patients with jobs and families. Alcoholism outpatient treatment can make a tremendous difference for those struggling with addiction, and the right treatment can transform lives in a positive, meaningful way. The Goals of… Read more »

Steps to Take to Prepare for Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

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Preparing Yourself for Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

For many people who struggle with addiction, intensive outpatient drug treatment (IOP) is the perfect compromise between a traditional outpatient program and a 24/7 inpatient program. If you or someone you love is planning to attend intensive outpatient drug treatment after detox, then some preparation may be necessary. Understanding and following these steps can ensure that participants reap the full benefits of the program. Schedule Your IOP Sessions At Westside Treatment, and at many rehab facilities that offer intensive outpatient… Read more »

How An Outpatient Alcohol Program Helps Fight Addiction

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An Outpatient Alcohol Program Helps Fight Addiction

Beating an addiction to alcohol can be achieved through many different programs, but one particularly popular option is to enroll in an outpatient alcohol program. The outpatient model means that patients won’t have to stay overnight in a rehab facility, and they can rely on their current support systems and can maintain their careers. It’s important to realize that an outpatient alcohol program can be integral in fighting addiction. Maintain a Sense of Normalcy in Life One of the ways… Read more »

The 12-Step Treatment Program Explained

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A 12-Step Treatment Program Key in Getting & Staying Sober

One of the most popular ways to treat addiction is through a 12-step treatment program. The 12-step treatment program can be very effective, especially when used in conjunction with additional treatment methods like family therapy and dual-diagnosis treatment. Anyone ready to take the next step and enroll in a rehabilitation program should at least be somewhat familiar with the tenets and benefits of the 12-step program. What are the 12 Steps? Anyone struggling with addiction, or anyone who wants to… Read more »