My Life is Ruined. Can Outpatient Treatment Help?

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Begin Cleanup of Your Life in Outpatient Treatment

You may feel that your life has been upended and made chaotic by your substance abuse. This could be very true. You could have legal issues, family struggles, relationship problems and other hurdles to overcome as you enter recovery. In outpatient treatment, you will have to confront all of these problems as you battle your addiction. Remember that there is always hope for a successful recovery, even if that doesn’t seem possible at the moment. As you progress through treatment,… Read more »

Looking for the Top Alcohol Programs in Los Angeles Area

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If you’re looking to overcome a problem with alcohol, you need professional help. A top alcohol program in Los Angeles features targeted therapies designed to address both causes and effects of the addiction to alcohol. At the same time, these leading-edge therapies prepare patients for independent living in the community where patients hold full responsibility for their own success in recovery. Therapies and other treatment may be delivered through residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient or outpatient programs. When looking for… Read more »

How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Usually Last?

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How Long Does Outpatient Rehab Usually Last?

During outpatient rehab, patients are able to live at home, continue with work and even go to school while undergoing drug and alcohol treatment. Because there are no costs associated with overnight stays or meal provision, outpatient programs generally cost a great deal less than residential rehab. These two reasons come together to make this form of treatment very attractive to people who don’t need the security and 24-hour support of inpatient programs. When Outpatient Rehab May Be a Good… Read more »

Do IOP Drug Programs Work Better Than Residential Programs?

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What are the Benefits of IOP Drug Programs?

There are many differences between IOP drug programs and residential treatment. When you need help for drug or alcohol addiction, IOP programs may also provide different benefits than what residential treatment offers. For many, these simple differences and benefits may mean entering treatment, versus not getting help at all. Do IOP Drug Programs Work Better than Residential Programs? One program, IOP or residential, cannot be said to work “better” than the other, as results from any drug program are entirely… Read more »