What Is Rehab Like for a First Timer?

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Is drug or alcohol addiction ruining your life? Many people want to seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction, but don’t know where to start or what to expect. The idea of rehab can seem scary if you’ve never attempted any kind of recovery in the past. There’s a good chance that you’re asking yourself, “what is rehab like for a first timer?” If so, we’ve got some answers for you. You Are Not Alone Drug and alcohol addiction… Read more »

How to Know When You’re Married to an Alcoholic

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Is your spouse currently struggling with an alcohol problem? Has their persistent drinking started causing conflict in your marriage and family life? If you think that you’re married to an alcoholic, browse our guide below to learn what you can do and which treatment options are available to help. Effects of Alcoholism Alcoholism is classified as a disease by most health associations. Unlike alcohol abusers, alcoholics tend to have little to no control over how much or how often they… Read more »

How to Help an Alcoholic

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If you or a loved one has dealt with an addiction to alcohol, you know how painful the effects of alcoholism can be on the abuser and their family. To learn how to help an alcoholic, please review the helpful information outlined below. Recognizing the Signs of Alcoholism Alcoholism is a disease that millions of Americans suffer from. Unlike alcohol abusers, alcoholics are unable to control the amount or frequency of their drinking. They may continue to drink in potentially dangerous… Read more »

Am I an Alcoholic? Here’s How You Know

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Has alcoholism started to negatively impact your life and the life of your loved ones? If you have asked yourself the question, “Am I an alcoholic?”, here’s how you know. Am I an Alcoholic? Each year, millions of Americans indulge in the occasional alcoholic drink. For many, this social drinking never becomes a problem. Alcoholics, however, are unable to control the frequency and amount of their alcohol consumption. This is because alcoholism is a disease that severely affects their ability to… Read more »