Addiction Prevention vs. Intervention

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Addiction Prevention vs. Intervention | Westside Treatment

At its core, the conversation around addiction prevention, versus addiction intervention reflects a similar dichotomy in medical circles, namely: prevention vs. cure. Everyone knows the old adage: prevention is better than cure. But in the case of addiction, it’s not quite so clear-cut and simple. The thing about addiction is that you have to approach it as both a societal issue and an individual medical condition. To society, prevention is the absolute priority – effective prevention, that is. To the… Read more »

Addiction Along All Walks of Life

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Addiction Along All Walks of Life | Westside Treatment

One thing about addiction that is absolutely undeniable is that it does not discriminate. Addiction does not care for age, sex, skin color or sexuality. It doesn’t care whether you go to church or abstain from religion. It does not look at your paycheck to determine your income and class. Addiction has a singular target: humanity. That isn’t to say that, as per the New York Times, there’s no such thing as a risk factor. Some people are more likely… Read more »

Sigmund Freud’s Philosophies & Today’s World

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Sigmund Freud's Philosophies & Today's World | Westside Treatment

He left us with psychoanalytical theories and concepts of the super-ego, id, and ego; of supposed inner incestuous frustrations and an unconscious mind that revolves around the libido, and the lust for self-destruction. He may be the most controversial and influential figure in modern-day psychology, a household name whose work and legacy coined terms such as “anally-retentive”, “arrested development”, and the famous “Freudian slip”, but as we’ve moved past the 20th century, more recent work has gone to discredit his… Read more »