Medication-Based Treatment Can Be A Road To Sobriety

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The Road To Sobriety | Westside Treatment

The history of medicine is rich and long – but it is only relatively recently that we’ve begun to explore medication as a road to sobriety for addiction, an issue that first became relevant and studied through medicine itself. Methadone, a household name among prescription drugs and one of the best ways at chemically fighting the effects of heroin and other opioids, has been around for about 80 years, starting off as a synthetic opioid. Yet its history as a treatment… Read more »

The Nature Of Addiction: Physical Or Emotional?

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Nature Of Addiction | Westside Treatment

Medicine woke up to the reality and the existence of addiction sometime in the 19th century, when it became clear that there was a downside to injecting patients with copious amounts of morphine, and the downside wasn’t just the potential of an overdose. This is what first sparked the question of the nature of addiction instead of the previous assessment that it was just a moral failure. Mankind’s history with opium, alcohol and hallucinogens is long and extremely detailed. We… Read more »

Drugs And Appetite – Can You Eat Your Way Out Of Addiction?

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Drugs and Appetite | Westside Treatment

It is until quite recently that people have underestimated the effects of diet on the human body. While we’ve always had a notion of how important it is to eat right, our understanding of what it meant to eat right changed drastically – again and again – over the past few decades. There are various influences in our lives that can impact our diet and today we will be exploring drugs and appetite in relation to recovery from addiction. It is… Read more »

The Facts on Antidepressant Addiction

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Antidepressant Addiction | Westside Treatment

America’s prescription drug problem is immense. Opioids are related to more deaths than ever, and the country’s consumption and distribution of prescription medication is unmatched not only in history, but in the entire world. When it comes to taking pills, no one beats us. The danger with this is that many of the drugs Americans are accustomed to taking for anxiety and chronic pain are highly addictive. Sedatives like Xanax and opioids like Fentanyl and Oxycodone have become highlighted problem… Read more »

Addiction Is Not Evil: Why Anyone Can Have Addiction Issues

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Overcome Addiction Issues | Westside Treatment

Many people use drugs. Not many people become addicts. Potentially 40 percent of the country has tried an illicit drug, yet only about 20 million Americans suffer under what is considered substance abuse. Clearly the drugs aren’t completely at fault – instead, addiction issues are about more than just drugs, alcohol, or substances. Who becomes addicted and who doesn’t – the statistics show that mostly it’s a matter of unfortunate nature and unfortunate nurture. To be clearer, addiction is more… Read more »

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Sobriety

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Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Sobriety | Westside Treatment

It’s often said that recovery is a lifelong process. Yet some might argue that if you’ve beaten an addiction, then by definition it should be beaten. For the sake of making an analogy, if you gained far too much weight in college and worked your way to a normal bodyweight, you wouldn’t say you’re recovering from obesity, nor would you assume that you still should worry about becoming overweight again. Except that this is blatantly false. We’ve all heard the… Read more »

How To Communicate With A Loved One In Treatment

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How To Communicate With Loved One In Treatment | Westside Treatment

Drug recovery is a trying time for any family. Whether you’re struggling with sobriety or a loved one is, the strain of dealing with the emotional pains of early recovery and the stress of reintegrating into regular living after months or years of addiction can be hard to bear. But when the goal is long-term sobriety and a happy, emotionally healthy family, then quitting is not an option. Just like any relationship, communication is key – and it is hard… Read more »

AA Alternatives

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AA Alternatives | Westside Treatment

The popularity of 12-step meetings and the group that first organized and propagated them is unmatched. And when it comes to recovery addiction, some people are hard pressed to name an effective alternative to the basic AA program. For many, that’s fine – because AA is exactly what they want and what they need. But for many others, choosing AA as their path towards recovery might not be in their best interest. While the 12 steps can be effective, they… Read more »

Managing Chronic Pain In Sobriety

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Managing Chronic Pain In Sobriety | Westside Treatment

Chronic pain is a debilitating health condition with many different causes. Some people experience chronic pain due to a particularly bad injury and lack of total physical recovery. In other cases, it may be nerve damage from years of exposure to a certain pollutant or environmental hazard, or the pain may simply be part of a genetic disorder or general defect in the body. No matter what the cause, however, chronic pain can be a terrible condition to live with…. Read more »