Aetna Rehab Coverage | Westside TreatmentNavigating the world of insurance coverage can be difficult for any insured person seeking addiction rehabilitation. If you have Aetna Health Insurance, you’ll naturally want to know if your policy includes Aetna Rehab Coverage.

Requirements of Aetna Rehab Coverage

When evaluating whether Aetna health insurance will cover treatment at an addiction rehabilitation program facility, the company first looks at criteria that governs payment for many types of behavioral care:

  • Whether the treatment is medically necessary, meaning whether it is needed to overcome a legitimate health issue in accordance with a doctor’s diagnosis and medical standards.
  • Whether treatment or other care will likely provide significant positive improvement of patients and won’t harm them.
  • Services provided will be for the treatment of an existing illness, beyond covered preventive and periodic care.
  • Other criteria related to diagnostic tests, medical services and preventive care.

Treatment is also guided and determined through Aetna Rehab Coverage policy parameters. Where treatment occurs is outlined according to the following factors:

  • Type and location of treatment is individualized and covered according to individual need.
  • Treatment must be medically necessary with regular updates on progress through reevaluation.
  • Treatment planning must include the least restrictive environment possible for positive outcome.

Does Aetna Rehab Coverage Include Intensive Outpatient Programs?

Having an Aetna health insurance policy can be a significant advantage when you seek drug or alcohol addiction treatment within an intensive outpatient program. Using your policy you can likely gain the support you need to get on the path to a productive, healthy future.

Like other insurance providers of healthcare benefits, Aetna knows that overcoming addiction is important for the policyholder’s wellness. They also realize that rehab treatment will cost the company less than paying for dire medical conditions that could occur later because the addiction was never overcome.

Intensive outpatient programs for addiction recovery are very attractive to insurance providers because they cost less than residential or inpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient treatment usually meets the Aetna health insurance standard of “least restrictive environment possible” while providing real potential and hope for individual recovery.

The easiest way to discern whether Aetna health insurance will cover your intensive outpatient program rehab at Westside Treatment is to contact one of our admissions representatives. An admissions specialist can translate all of your policy benefits for IOP care into a bottom-line guide of what will be covered and what must be considered an out-of-pocket expense, if not covered under the policy. The helpful staff of Westside Treatment will use your insurance card information to inform you about required medical assessments, individual program inclusions and when treatment can likely begin.

Westside Treatment Accepts Aetna Rehab Coverage

Los Angeles-based Westside Treatment provides supportive, community-based rehab for young adults seeking a socially engaging yet healthy lifestyle in recovery. For patients and families working to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, Westside Treatment believes that supporting both patients and their loved ones brings the best results through stronger, more cohesive recovery.

Call Westside Treatment now at 866-978-9232 to learn more about your Aetna Rehab Coverage policy for intensive outpatient treatment. Getting the treatment you need is the right choice and Aetna will likely support you each step of the way.