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LA’s drug history starts early, with the prohibition of opiates and cocaine in 1914, and a rise in crime as patients addicted to previously legal substances found themselves going through illegal channels to get their fix. Since then, the county has been fighting a war on drugs, and the impact of drugs in the community.   Drugs, Crime, And Militarization When the impact of drugs (specifically crack cocaine) became a recognized problem in black communities throughout Los Angeles, the response… Read more »

Live Drug Free In Los Angeles | Westside Treatment

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Los Angeles is notorious for its seedy underbelly, and a history of violence (that has largely declined) – but as with any large city, LA is a melting pot of stories, some tragic and some miraculous. Here, cultures come and blend together, and you’ll find a little bit of everything and everyone on the streets of LA, from the richest actor to the poorest pauper. Living in such a colorful and vibrant city comes with its challenges. It’s hard to… Read more »

Drug Addiction In Los Angeles | Westside Treatment

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Drug addiction in Los Angeles has often been called an urban problem, one that affects people in cities more than elsewhere in the country. However, recent statistics are showing that this trend, even if it did hold true in the past, most definitely doesn’t hold up today. With drugs like methamphetamine, opiates and prescription stimulants hitting the streets, fields and suburbs en masse, drug addiction isn’t just an urban problem anymore. However, for Los Angeles, the images of drugs and… Read more »

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It goes without saying that drug addiction continues to be a problem in America, as opioid overdose rates are higher than ever before, and prescription drugs like Xanax and Adderall still find themselves being used non-medically. You’d think that, given the overdose rates behind opiates and heroin, the dangers with using sedatives like Xanax, and the potential for psychological damage behind Adderall, the people using drugs like this would just stop or seek treatment for drug addiction. But they can’t…. Read more »

Environment Impacts Recovery

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Recognizing And Overcoming Environmental And Cultural Factors During Your Recovery The environment and culture with which you surround yourself can impact how well you recover from your drug or alcohol addiction. Factors in both situations could influence your success or undermine your efforts to beat a problem that has plagued you for years. You can regain sobriety and look forward to a brighter and healthier future by recognizing these environmental and cultural influences and knowing what steps to take to… Read more »

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In a way, we are the sum of our experiences and the perceptions people have around us. Through our families, our friends, our adversaries and our role models, we create an image of what we should be like, and struggle to fulfill those self-set expectations. In a perfect world, family helps us not just figure out who we are, who we want to be and who we don’t want to be, but it also helps us get through the toughest… Read more »

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Addiction in the family can be a very delicate matter, but when approached correctly, you can help avert a great amount of tragedy and find an opportunity to help your family member onto a path of recovery long before things hit rock bottom. Learning how best to talk about addiction to that family member is important in order to provide help and not push them away.   Learn More About Addiction And How To Talk About Addiction The first thing to… Read more »

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Cocaine is a stimulant derived from coca leaves. First discovered and used as a medicinal tool after the creation of coca wine in the 19th century, cocaine today is an illicit drug capable of creating a powerful sense of joy and euphoria, followed by an extreme crash. It is highly addictive, and has an extensive list of side effects from cocaine withdrawal including paranoia, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. Among the most common illicit drugs, cocaine can be counted as one of… Read more »

Los Angeles IOP & PHP Programs | Westside Treatment

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Addiction recovery is more than rehab – it’s a lifelong commitment to yourself. Drug addiction tears people apart, breaking relationships and putting us down. It’s difficult to escape. For some, it even seems impossible. But when we do get out of that hell, it’s important that we dedicate ourselves to staying healthy, both physically and emotionally. It’s not just sobriety for the sake of sobriety. Staying clean just to be clean is no way to live. Instead, you should see… Read more »

Heroin Withdrawal | Westside Treatment

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Heroin is a powerful derivative of the poppy plant, the source of opium. As an opiate, heroin binds to the brain’s dopamine receptors and induces extremely powerful feelings of euphoria and numbness, and is about three times as powerful as morphine, another opiate with infamous misuse. This extreme potency is what makes heroin withdrawal so dangerous. In the world of medicine, opiates play an extremely significant role as analgesic and anesthetic tools. These drugs kill pain, making surgery and other treatments… Read more »