How (And Why) Does Addiction Develop? | Westside Treatment

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Treatment for addiction is never entirely straightforward, particularly because the reasons that influence addiction are never straightforward. It’s a twisty and complicated path from the get-go. Some people respond better to cognitive behavioral therapy because of issues with their self-esteem, a history of acquired or existing anxiety and depression, and a general uneasiness with themselves and a loathing attitude towards life in general. Others respond better to dialectic behavioral therapy because it allows them to scratch the itch of rebellion without resorting… Read more »

Emotional Stability: A Fundamental Factor Of Recovery | Westside Treatment

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One of the unfortunate hallmarks of addiction is that it, for lack of a better phrase, steals away your ability to be in control. You’re still you, you’re still the person you’ve always been, but your entire thought process has manipulated to revolve around the pleasure and feeling of a high. Semantically, every choice you make is yours. Every lie and act of manipulation committed by someone struggling with a severe addiction is, inherently, theirs. However, blaming an addict for… Read more »

Gray Area Between Using, Sobriety | Westside Treatment

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Life is just a lot simpler when we get to break it apart into countless dichotomies – black and white, light and dark, yes and no. But it gets obvious early on that life isn’t like that. Life is gray – not in its vibrancy or spirit, but in the way it blends and complicates, and creates situations with no straightforward answers or solutions. Black and white work very rarely, and most of the time, figuring out how you feel… Read more »

The Art Of Self-Love & Acceptance | Westside Treatment

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Self-love and egotism might both have to do with the self, but the difference between them is the size of a canyon. Loving oneself and being confident, in a healthy manner, is critical for a stable mental health. Just like physical health, there are ways in which we can make ourselves susceptible to disease. Poor hygiene and exposure to the elements are common ways to set yourself up for sickness, like the cold or yeast infections. In the same way,… Read more »

The Post-Rehab Struggle Is Real | Westside Treatment

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Entering rehab is a common step in the road to recovery from addiction. Yet it’s far from the last step. To many, rehab signals the beginning of a long journey spent making continuous improvements in mind, body and spirit – and it’s the beginning that’s hardest to overcome. As a part of recovery treatment, rehab entails any program taking place in a specialized facility designed to introduce someone into a drug-free life. Treatment takes place away from the rest of life,… Read more »

Drug Abuse vs. Drug Use | Westside Treatment

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People often conflate drug use with addiction, and while one implies the other, the two aren’t the same thing. Drug use may evoke images of someone shooting it up, or swallowing a tab before a party, but it technically applies to your average Monday morning smoke break, or a Friday night out at the bar. To a degree, even coffee can be considered drug use, if you count all psychoactive substances. Addiction is when you go from supplementing your life… Read more »

Do You Need An Addiction Reality Check? | Westside Treatment

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It’s a common trope that people struggling with addiction in their life often struggle with something else: denial. They’re prone to flat out denying that they have a problem, not seeking the help they need while continuously deteriorating in personality and life structure, hurting those around them and causing strife between family and friends alike. Some turn towards drugs after life has already taken a turn for the worse, turning an opportunity to improve into a cascading spiral of destruction…. Read more »

Facing The Top Challenges Of Recovery | Westside Treatment

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Recovery is a journey of self-improvement and overcoming the need for addiction by creating a version of yourself that leaves no room for that kind of behavior. However, when you’re working hard to achieve that, there are many opportunities to fall flat on your face and run into some big obstacles with full force. Here are just a couple challenges, from the very beginning of recovery to the dangers that may still haunt you a few months into the process…. Read more »

Healing Through Personalized, Patient-Driven Care | Westside Treatment

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Your body and your mind – if one isn’t healthy, the other won’t be for long. “Holistic” medicine as it is known today tackles this challenge, taking an approach to healing that incorporates every part of a patient’s health into account. That means taking both the physical and the mental aspects of health into account when formulating a healthcare plan. In addiction recovery, it’s important to tackle not only what the addiction does to your mind, but what it does… Read more »

Treating The Person, Not Just The Addiction | Westside Treatment

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You must’ve heard it before: treat the person, not the addiction. But what does it mean? Are people to blame for their problems with substance abuse, rather than the substance or some other factor? Or is addiction not the actual problem behind, well, addiction? When first confronted with the phrase, it’s easy to misunderstand it – but what it really means is that addiction treatment and recovery isn’t just about targeting addiction and fixing the many issues that it introduces… Read more »