Post-Rehab: What To Expect | Westside Treatment

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Addiction treatment has its uses – it prepares you for the world after withdrawal, helps you ease through the medical detox of a powerful drug, and equips you with resources to continue your path of recovery after your program has ended and you’re deemed ready to leave. But the reality is very different from what things were like in rehab. Challenges Await You If you were a teen when you first began struggling with addiction and finishing rehab, then you’re… Read more »

Keeping The Motivation Fire Lit In Your Recovery | Westside Treatment

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Among the many issues facing those who struggle in recovery against addiction, motivation is one of the greatest. How can you stay motivated when addiction itself seems to constantly sap away at your emotional strength, and leave you doubting yourself, anxious and bitter? The Power of Purpose Purpose carries with it unimaginable power. When we’re filled with purpose, we can do anything – from the greatest of miracles to the worst of obscenities. We’ve created and toppled civilizations through purpose,… Read more »

Addiction + Stress = A Deadly Duo | Westside Treatment

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Addiction isn’t just a matter of emotion, calculated risk factors, or even pure coincidence. People can develop addictions in any walks of life, from contact with any addictive substance. Some people are particularly predisposed towards becoming alcoholics or life-long chain-smokers – others went through a cocaine-heavy phase in their youth and voluntarily became stone cold sober, simply “growing out” of the trend. A true addiction isn’t something you grow out of, or stop indulging in only because the peer pressure… Read more »

Combating Codependency Through Cultivating Self-Love | Westside Treatment

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Codependency is quite common in cases of addiction, due to the nature of psychological addiction. While the basic neurological explanation for an addiction is that the brain changes the way we perceive pleasure based on the introduction of extremely high levels of pleasure-related neurotransmitters through drugs like cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine, there is a certain predisposition towards emotionally vulnerable people and cases of addiction. Highly addictive substances are likely to get you hooked sooner or later, regardless of how mentally… Read more »

Addiction Recovery: It Takes A Village | Westside Treatment

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Addiction recovery is a tough task, but it’s not one anyone has to tackle entirely alone. However, tackling the idea of addiction as an individual issue as something that can be fought as a community in tandem with the individual takes some getting used to. The fact is that most people still cling to old definitions and false tropes in addiction recovery – there is a palpable stigma against former and ongoing addicts that in no way helps them improve… Read more »

Fighting Addiction With Personal Growth | Westside Treatment

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There is a lot of confusion around the terminology of addiction – particularly the definition, and how people actually get addicted. The factors that determine addiction aren’t related to a person’s willpower or spirit – they are, however, related to a person’s emotions and psychology, as well as other outlined factors such as: Family history. Peer pressure. Anxiety and/or depression. Anyone can suffer from addiction, in an emotional sense. One moment of particular vulnerability, one too many hits from the… Read more »

The Hard Work That Begins After Rehab | Westside Treatment

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Four stages, five stages, six stages – there are countless ways to interpret the recovery process, the rehabilitation process, and every other aspect of dealing with addiction and its consequences. But when it comes solely to the post-rehab, there isn’t much of a guide on how to work through the issues presented by life after the initial step of “stopping” an addiction. Residential treatment, also known as rehab is a vital step in the right direction for countless people –… Read more »

How Exercise Regulates Erratic Moods, Emotions | Westside Treatment

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It’s no secret that dealing and struggling with addiction can lead to, well, “irritable” behavior. Addiction is a disease of the brain, and a disease of behavior – it usurps and corrupts a person’s thought process, making it extremely tough to regain control. However, research shows – and has been showing for a while – that one of the best ways to summarily battle addiction and the mental health issues that crop up alongside it, is through the short-term and… Read more »

Dealing With Emotions During Recovery | Westside Treatment

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Emotions are important. Without the ability to feel emotions, life would be devoid of all meaning. There can be no hot without cold, no light without dark, no up without down. In the same way, we can’t be happy unless we can be sad. We can’t be angry unless we can feel pity. We can’t love if we can’t hate. However, the very existence of emotions can sometimes be the bane for certain people. When dealing with severe depression, for… Read more »

Understanding Addiction Treatment Levels Of Care | Westside Treatment

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Professionally-assisted recovery comes in several stages of intensity and delivery, to cater to any possible case of addiction. As there is no way to cater to everyone, three distinct categories exist for rehabilitation and recovery programs – these are: Outpatient Programs Inpatient Programs Partial Hospitalization Between these three, there are several categories, specific considerations, custom factors and other individualities that change on a case-by-case basis, as is the nature of addiction treatment. For example – an outpatient program (OP) is basically… Read more »