Is Willpower Alone Enough To Overcome Addiction? | Westside Treatment

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The truth about overcoming addiction is that it’s not quite as simple as sticking to self-discipline. However, the ability to control yourself is still integral in the long-term journey of recovery. It’s not a black and white issue – there’s just more to it than relying entirely on your own ability to battle your temptations, or giving yourself entirely to the mercy of your supporters and sponsors. In other words – yes, when you’re addicted, you’re fighting a physiological and… Read more »

What To Expect When Entering Treatment | Westside Treatment

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Whether you have been struggling with a drug or alcohol problem for a long time or it’s something relatively new for you, just the thought of starting rehab can be scary and overwhelming. While everyone’s journey is individualized, the basic premise is the same in most rehabilitation centers: First you must detox, then you will go through a period of intensive therapy, then you will be released from the program and will begin an aftercare program. Knowing what to expect… Read more »

What We Know About Quitting Drugs | Westside Treatment

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There is absolutely no arguing that drugs are a problem in America. We are currently facing a massive issue of opioid overdoses, particularly through prescription drugs, and mass incarceration continues to try and address a problem it cannot ever fix. While drugs are a problem, the way we’re going about teaching our kids about them is also lacking. And the media’s continued one-dimensional exploration of drug addiction doesn’t help either. If drugs are to be stopped, we need to do… Read more »

5 Reasons Group Therapy Is Effective In Addiction Treatment | Westside Treatment

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You have undoubtedly heard about support groups and group therapy being an effective part of treatment when it comes to beating addictions. While most of the work that you will do to recover will be individual, you will likely also have group therapy sessions. These are sessions that you attend while you are in treatment. The members of the group are comprised of people who are in a similar stage of treatment that you are, in most cases. You might… Read more »

Exploring Opioid Alternatives For Pain | Westside Treatment

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Pain is a horrible thing. Chronic pain is significantly worse. While pain is nothing less than a major inconvenience, and can often be so bad it traumatizes us, it does exist for a reason – to help us preserve our body. But chronic pain is when that useful little function backfires and becomes a significant issue that forces us to manage our lives around the reoccurrence and disruption of constant, useless pain. For decades, we’ve treated this sort of pain… Read more »

Importance Of Aftercare Following Rehab | Westside Treatment

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When you enter rehab, you might think that the inpatient (or intensive outpatient) phase of your recovery is going to be the most difficult. While it is often the most intense, it’s important to realize that recovery does not happen within the weeks you are in the rehab center. You will likely make great strides during your stay, but you will need to continue to work at staying sober for many weeks, months, and years after the first phase of… Read more »

7 Myths About Addiction | Westside Treatment

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While the research and industry knowledge on addiction treatment and long-term recovery has become a wealth to behold, the general knowledge towards how addiction works, what it really is and how to deal with it remains sorely lacking. Thanks to a mixture of societal stigma and media, we tend to have a very one-sided, simplistic view of addicts and their behavior – and that only serves to worsen the issue for us as a society. You don’t have to like… Read more »

Is Drug Abuse Education Effective? | Westside Treatment

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Medicine is incredibly complicated in its many forms of study and execution. We’ve come to learn quite a lot about how the human body functions, and how to keep it healthy. But for all its complexities, the basic premise of medicine – and the goal of any respectable doctor – is quite simple. First, it’s to do no harm. And secondly, prevention always is better than cure. This holds up in the realm of addiction treatment and mental health in… Read more »

Why Family Support Is Important In Recovery | Westside Treatment

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If your family member or other loved one is going into recovery for a substance addiction, you might wonder exactly what your role should be. Although this journey is something that your relative has to go through on his or her own, family members are an integral part of the process. You might not be sure how to act or react to various ways that your recovering loved one, but one thing that is for certain is that you can… Read more »

IOP vs. PHP: Treatment Settings, Levels of Care, Patient Placement | Westside Treatment

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If you are ready to enter rehabilitation for your addiction, it’s important to understand all of your options. There are different levels of care depending on how intensive your treatment plan is. Each patient’s individual needs are assessed based on the level of their addiction, whether they can take weeks off of work, what their family obligations are, whether the treatment is court-ordered, and so on. Your addiction specialist will work with you to come up with the type of… Read more »