How Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

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At first glance, partial hospitalization sounds like a step down from intensive care or aftercare from a major medical procedure to those who don’t fully understand it. However, it does not have much to do with physical health. Instead, a partial hospitalization program offers outpatient mental health services, yet at a different level than inpatient or outpatient programs. A partial hospitalization program is one of many different tools available to treatment facilities, looking to help people through the rehabilitation process… Read more »

Sobering Up For The Holidays

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The prospect of sobering up is daunting because drug addiction often makes people forget how to be sober. That isn’t just an exaggeration – it’s based on scientific fact. When the brain undergoes consistent and prolonged drug use, it gets damaged. And that brain damage extends beyond problems with cognition and problem solving, but goes deeper into severe damage to the brain’s reward system, and a corruption of the fundamentals of pleasure and happiness. That means sobering up doesn’t just… Read more »

Can Addiction Kill Me?

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In short: yes, addiction can kill. But rather than keep it at that, it’s better to go in-depth into how and why addiction can kill you – and how you can keep it from killing you. There’s no doubt that addiction carries with it a lot of baggage. Not only can it lead to long-term damage to your health – addiction can change the way you behave and feel, and cause irreparable damage to your relationships and future. An addiction will… Read more »

The Advantages Of A Recovery Community In Los Angeles

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We thrive on being social, on hunting and trading, and on relying on each other to survive. And long before organized religion, civilization and written language, we relied on community. To this day, nothing can change any one person’s life as much as the power of a community. If several people come together with a joined interest, the result is an instant bond, a camaraderie that leaves us feeling happier and better. And for people in addiction recovery, that sense… Read more »

Why Is It Important To Seek Treatment For Drug Addiction?

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It goes without saying that drug addiction continues to be a problem in America, as opioid overdose rates are higher than ever before, and prescription drugs like Xanax and Adderall still find themselves being used non-medically. You’d think that, given the overdose rates behind opiates and heroin, the dangers with using sedatives like Xanax, and the potential for psychological damage behind Adderall, the people using drugs like this would just stop or seek treatment for drug addiction. But they can’t…. Read more »

The Advantages of Family Involvement in Addiction Treatment

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In a way, we are the sum of our experiences and the perceptions people have around us. Through our families, our friends, our adversaries and our role models, we create an image of what we should be like, and struggle to fulfill those self-set expectations. In a perfect world, family helps us not just figure out who we are, who we want to be and who we don’t want to be, but it also helps us get through the toughest… Read more »

What Are the Differences Between PHP and IOP Treatment?

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Addiction recovery is more than rehab – it’s a lifelong commitment to yourself. Drug addiction tears people apart, breaking relationships and putting us down. It’s difficult to escape. For some, it even seems impossible. But when we do get out of that hell, it’s important that we dedicate ourselves to staying healthy, both physically and emotionally. It’s not just sobriety for the sake of sobriety. Staying clean just to be clean is no way to live. Instead, you should see… Read more »

What Are the Symptoms of Spice Withdrawal?

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The world is full of dangerous ways to get intoxicated, beyond the usual household examples. Surrogate alcohol found in bath lotions, window cleaners and mouthwash, synthetic cathinone (bath salts) and veterinary prescriptions are just a few examples. Yet one of the most dangerous and prolific new drugs in America has an innocuous name: spice. Spice withdrawal has serious repercussions, but the drug is less known that many other “popular” alternatives. Spice has only been around for a decade or so,… Read more »

The Facts on Antidepressant Addiction

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Antidepressant Addiction | Westside Treatment

America’s prescription drug problem is immense. Opioids are related to more deaths than ever, and the country’s consumption and distribution of prescription medication is unmatched not only in history, but in the entire world. When it comes to taking pills, no one beats us. The danger with this is that many of the drugs Americans are accustomed to taking for anxiety and chronic pain are highly addictive. Sedatives like Xanax and opioids like Fentanyl and Oxycodone have become highlighted problem… Read more »

How To Communicate With A Loved One In Treatment

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How To Communicate With Loved One In Treatment | Westside Treatment

Drug recovery is a trying time for any family. Whether you’re struggling with sobriety or a loved one is, the strain of dealing with the emotional pains of early recovery and the stress of reintegrating into regular living after months or years of addiction can be hard to bear. But when the goal is long-term sobriety and a happy, emotionally healthy family, then quitting is not an option. Just like any relationship, communication is key – and it is hard… Read more »