Can Addiction Kill Me?

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Addiction Can Kill | Westside Treatment

In short: yes, addiction can kill. But rather than keep it at that, it’s better to go in-depth into how and why addiction can kill you – and how you can keep it from killing you. There’s no doubt that addiction carries with it a lot of baggage. Not only can it lead to long-term damage to your health – addiction can change the way you behave and feel, and cause irreparable damage to your relationships and future. An addiction will… Read more »

Causes Of Addiction: How Does It Develop?

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Causes Of Addiction | Westside Treatment

Although the causes of addiction aren’t as big of a mystery to us as it may have been in the past, there are still many things we don’t completely understand. As meticulous as the scientific community can be, studies are imperfect, and many theories require years of research and data analysis to verify. As such, there is still a lot of controversy among scientists on some of the details. But a few things are undeniable, including the fact that there… Read more »

What Is The Impact Of Drugs On The Los Angeles Community?

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impact of drugs in Los Angeles | Westside Treatment

LA’s drug history starts early, with the prohibition of opiates and cocaine in 1914, and a rise in crime as patients addicted to previously legal substances found themselves going through illegal channels to get their fix. Since then, the county has been fighting a war on drugs, and the impact of drugs in the community.   Drugs, Crime, And Militarization When the impact of drugs (specifically crack cocaine) became a recognized problem in black communities throughout Los Angeles, the response… Read more »

How To Talk About Addiction To A Family Member

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talk about addiction | Westside Treatment

Addiction in the family can be a very delicate matter, but when approached correctly, you can help avert a great amount of tragedy and find an opportunity to help your family member onto a path of recovery long before things hit rock bottom. Learning how best to talk about addiction to that family member is important in order to provide help and not push them away.   Learn More About Addiction And How To Talk About Addiction The first thing to… Read more »

What are the Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal?

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cocaine withdrawal | Westside Treatment

Cocaine is a stimulant derived from coca leaves. First discovered and used as a medicinal tool after the creation of coca wine in the 19th century, cocaine today is an illicit drug capable of creating a powerful sense of joy and euphoria, followed by an extreme crash. It is highly addictive, and has an extensive list of side effects from cocaine withdrawal including paranoia, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. Among the most common illicit drugs, cocaine can be counted as one of… Read more »

What Are the Symptoms of Spice Withdrawal?

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Spice Withdrawal | Westside Treatment

The world is full of dangerous ways to get intoxicated, beyond the usual household examples. Surrogate alcohol found in bath lotions, window cleaners and mouthwash, synthetic cathinone (bath salts) and veterinary prescriptions are just a few examples. Yet one of the most dangerous and prolific new drugs in America has an innocuous name: spice. Spice withdrawal has serious repercussions, but the drug is less known that many other “popular” alternatives. Spice has only been around for a decade or so,… Read more »

How Drug Addiction Affects Thoughts?

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Drug Addiction Affects Thoughts | Westside Treatment

There’s no secret that drug addiction can drastically alter the way the brain functions, right down to causing potential long-term brain damage. However, the way drug addiction affects thoughts differs both from person to person, and from drug to drug. Addiction itself is characterized by a series of behavioral changes which are not quite so varied – these are the psychological symptoms of long-term drug use that show up when someone develops a dependence. To understand why drug addiction affects… Read more »

Where Did The Opioid Epidemic Come From?

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Opioid Epidemic | Westside Treatment

For years, the United States has been struggling with deaths from an opioid epidemic, from prescription medication and heroin alike. Despite having the world’s third largest population, the US consumes almost all the global opioid supply. The result is an absolute tragedy – with about 4 percent of the world’s population, we struggle with about 27 percent of the world’s total drug overdose deaths. Heroin is doubtlessly playing a big part in the opioid epidemic, but legally-distributed medications have their… Read more »

Warning Signs Of Addiction

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Signs Of Addiction | Westside Treatment

Addiction typically creeps up on us – it’s very rare that someone takes a single hit of a substance and finds themselves addicted, especially with the more common drugs such as alcohol and prescription drugs. Instead, we find ourselves using one substance or another as a crutch to deal with other issues in our life, and before we know it, the signs of addiction are clear and the crutch itself is the issue. It isn’t easy for someone to realize… Read more »

The Nature Of Addiction: Physical Or Emotional?

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Nature Of Addiction | Westside Treatment

Medicine woke up to the reality and the existence of addiction sometime in the 19th century, when it became clear that there was a downside to injecting patients with copious amounts of morphine, and the downside wasn’t just the potential of an overdose. This is what first sparked the question of the nature of addiction instead of the previous assessment that it was just a moral failure. Mankind’s history with opium, alcohol and hallucinogens is long and extremely detailed. We… Read more »