The Advantages Of IOP Treatment Over 12 Step Programs

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IOP treatment | Westside Treatment

Addiction treatment is highly variable. Some forms of treatment work better for some patients than for others, and rarely for the exact same reasons. Finding an addiction treatment that best suits you requires seeking professional help, and getting the opinion of someone with both hands-on knowledge on addiction, and the access to your information.This is because there are many ways to treat an addiction. Some people utilize spirituality, and art. Some require medication to help them wean off the drugs… Read more »

How Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

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At first glance, partial hospitalization sounds like a step down from intensive care or aftercare from a major medical procedure to those who don’t fully understand it. However, it does not have much to do with physical health. Instead, a partial hospitalization program offers outpatient mental health services, yet at a different level than inpatient or outpatient programs. A partial hospitalization program is one of many different tools available to treatment facilities, looking to help people through the rehabilitation process… Read more »

Sobering Up For The Holidays

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The prospect of sobering up is daunting because drug addiction often makes people forget how to be sober. That isn’t just an exaggeration – it’s based on scientific fact. When the brain undergoes consistent and prolonged drug use, it gets damaged. And that brain damage extends beyond problems with cognition and problem solving, but goes deeper into severe damage to the brain’s reward system, and a corruption of the fundamentals of pleasure and happiness. That means sobering up doesn’t just… Read more »

What Happens If You Overdose Without Treatment?

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Drug addiction has an unfortunately high likelihood of causing permanent damage to the body and mind – and far too often, it ends in death. The dangers of drug addiction can’t be understated, and they’re more relevant today than ever before, as an overdose without treatment goes on to be the leading cause of death in the United States for people under the age of 50. An overdose without treatment is the main way through which an addiction will kill you…. Read more »

Why Is It Important To Seek Treatment For Drug Addiction?

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It goes without saying that drug addiction continues to be a problem in America, as opioid overdose rates are higher than ever before, and prescription drugs like Xanax and Adderall still find themselves being used non-medically. You’d think that, given the overdose rates behind opiates and heroin, the dangers with using sedatives like Xanax, and the potential for psychological damage behind Adderall, the people using drugs like this would just stop or seek treatment for drug addiction. But they can’t…. Read more »

Where Did The Opioid Epidemic Come From?

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Opioid Epidemic | Westside Treatment

For years, the United States has been struggling with deaths from an opioid epidemic, from prescription medication and heroin alike. Despite having the world’s third largest population, the US consumes almost all the global opioid supply. The result is an absolute tragedy – with about 4 percent of the world’s population, we struggle with about 27 percent of the world’s total drug overdose deaths. Heroin is doubtlessly playing a big part in the opioid epidemic, but legally-distributed medications have their… Read more »

Drugs And Appetite – Can You Eat Your Way Out Of Addiction?

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Drugs and Appetite | Westside Treatment

It is until quite recently that people have underestimated the effects of diet on the human body. While we’ve always had a notion of how important it is to eat right, our understanding of what it meant to eat right changed drastically – again and again – over the past few decades. There are various influences in our lives that can impact our diet and today we will be exploring drugs and appetite in relation to recovery from addiction. It is… Read more »

The Post-Rehab Struggle Is Real (And That’s OK!)

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The Post-Rehab Struggle Is Real | Westside Treatment

Entering rehab is a common step in the road to recovery from addiction. Yet it’s far from the last step. To many, rehab signals the beginning of a long journey spent making continuous improvements in mind, body and spirit – and it’s the beginning that’s hardest to overcome. As a part of recovery treatment, rehab entails any program taking place in a specialized facility designed to introduce someone into a drug-free life. Treatment takes place away from the rest of life,… Read more »

Post-Rehab: What To Expect

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Post-Rehab: What To Expect | Westside Treatment

Addiction treatment has its uses – it prepares you for the world after withdrawal, helps you ease through the medical detox of a powerful drug, and equips you with resources to continue your path of recovery after your program has ended and you’re deemed ready to leave. But the reality is very different from what things were like in rehab. Challenges Await You If you were a teen when you first began struggling with addiction and finishing rehab, then you’re… Read more »

The Hard Work That Begins After Rehab

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The Hard Work That Begins After Rehab | Westside Treatment

Four stages, five stages, six stages – there are countless ways to interpret the recovery process, the rehabilitation process, and every other aspect of dealing with addiction and its consequences. But when it comes solely to the post-rehab, there isn’t much of a guide on how to work through the issues presented by life after the initial step of “stopping” an addiction. Residential treatment, also known as rehab is a vital step in the right direction for countless people –… Read more »