The Advantages Of IOP Treatment Over 12 Step Programs

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Addiction treatment is highly variable. Some forms of treatment work better for some patients than for others, and rarely for the exact same reasons. Finding an addiction treatment that best suits you requires seeking professional help, and getting the opinion of someone with both hands-on knowledge on addiction, and the access to your information.This is because there are many ways to treat an addiction. Some people utilize spirituality, and art. Some require medication to help them wean off the drugs… Read more »

What are the Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal?

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Cocaine is a stimulant derived from coca leaves. First discovered and used as a medicinal tool after the creation of coca wine in the 19th century, cocaine today is an illicit drug capable of creating a powerful sense of joy and euphoria, followed by an extreme crash. It is highly addictive, and has an extensive list of side effects from cocaine withdrawal including paranoia, anxiety, irritability and insomnia. Among the most common illicit drugs, cocaine can be counted as one of… Read more »

Looking for the Top Alcohol Programs in Los Angeles Area

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If you’re looking to overcome a problem with alcohol, you need professional help. A top alcohol program in Los Angeles features targeted therapies designed to address both causes and effects of the addiction to alcohol. At the same time, these leading-edge therapies prepare patients for independent living in the community where patients hold full responsibility for their own success in recovery. Therapies and other treatment may be delivered through residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient or outpatient programs. When looking for… Read more »

Do IOP Drug Programs Work Better Than Residential Programs?

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What are the Benefits of IOP Drug Programs?

There are many differences between IOP drug programs and residential treatment. When you need help for drug or alcohol addiction, IOP programs may also provide different benefits than what residential treatment offers. For many, these simple differences and benefits may mean entering treatment, versus not getting help at all. Do IOP Drug Programs Work Better than Residential Programs? One program, IOP or residential, cannot be said to work “better” than the other, as results from any drug program are entirely… Read more »

Does Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment Really Help?

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What to Expect from Alcoholism Outpatient Treatment

The only truly effective way to treat alcoholism in a lasting way, and to help patients feel reignited in their lives, is through a professional and accredited rehabilitation facility. There are many different formats for the treatment of alcohol addiction, and outpatient therapy is often preferable for patients with jobs and families. Alcoholism outpatient treatment can make a tremendous difference for those struggling with addiction, and the right treatment can transform lives in a positive, meaningful way. The Goals of… Read more »

Steps to Take to Prepare for Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

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Preparing Yourself for Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

For many people who struggle with addiction, intensive outpatient drug treatment (IOP) is the perfect compromise between a traditional outpatient program and a 24/7 inpatient program. If you or someone you love is planning to attend intensive outpatient drug treatment after detox, then some preparation may be necessary. Understanding and following these steps can ensure that participants reap the full benefits of the program. Schedule Your IOP Sessions At Westside Treatment, and at many rehab facilities that offer intensive outpatient… Read more »