How to Live Drug Free in Los Angeles

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Live Drug Free In Los Angeles | Westside Treatment

Los Angeles is notorious for its seedy underbelly, and a history of violence (that has largely declined) – but as with any large city, LA is a melting pot of stories, some tragic and some miraculous. Here, cultures come and blend together, and you’ll find a little bit of everything and everyone on the streets of LA, from the richest actor to the poorest pauper. Living in such a colorful and vibrant city comes with its challenges. It’s hard to… Read more »

Starting Off Your Sober Life Right

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Sober Life | Westside Treatment

Living the sober life is a challenge – but challenges are what shape people and, generally, help us become stronger and better individuals. When framing something as a challenge, it doesn’t become an impossible wall to climb, but a mountain to conquer. That’s exactly the kind of attitude that best describes a successful recovery – but getting there, to the point where you can feel confident in your ability to overcome addiction and achieve sobriety, is no walk in the… Read more »

Top 10 Things to Do Sober In Los Angeles

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Sober In Los Angeles | Westside Treatment

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is inhabited by nearly 4 million people spread over roughly 270+ neighborhoods – naturally, there are countless things to do while sober in Los Angeles, that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. From Acton to Woodland Hills, there is no shortage on fun activities and events in town at any given moment. However, before you can get started exploring the city for new things to do while sober in Los Angeles, it’s important to get… Read more »

Sober Fun And How To Enjoy Your Sobriety

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Sober Fun | Westside Treatment

People sometimes have this misconception that fun dies the day you decide to put down the drink. What they forget is that a life made fun only by alcohol is not a life lived. Enjoying experiences with a side of alcohol is one thing, but when sobriety becomes a hostile attack on a person’s definition of fun, then there’s something wrong with how they spend their time.sober fun is an entirely possible and achievable goal. Letting a substance consume your… Read more »

6 Tips for Staying Sober

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Staying Sober | Westside Treatment

Sobriety is a good thing, but good things aren’t easy to come by or keep. Staying sober can at first feel like a full-time job, so when life seeps in and hits you with an actual full-time job and other responsibilities, letting your sobriety slip can sometimes feel like an acceptable compromise. Don’t let a relapse set in – with these simple tips, you can be in control of your recovery and you can get the most out of staying… Read more »

Support Group For Addiction: Is It Really Necessary After Recovery?

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Support Group For Addiction | Westside Treatment

A support group for addiction is nothing new, but they have been an essential place for those looking to get better. As we begin to understand more and more about addiction, the stigma around struggling with drugs starts to fall to the wayside and we can start to truly feel comfortable about approaching our issues with other people. Sadly, for most, addiction is still an issue that evokes a lot of shame and anger. Beyond the initial emotion of denial, many… Read more »

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Sobriety

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Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Sobriety | Westside Treatment

It’s often said that recovery is a lifelong process. Yet some might argue that if you’ve beaten an addiction, then by definition it should be beaten. For the sake of making an analogy, if you gained far too much weight in college and worked your way to a normal bodyweight, you wouldn’t say you’re recovering from obesity, nor would you assume that you still should worry about becoming overweight again. Except that this is blatantly false. We’ve all heard the… Read more »

AA Alternatives

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AA Alternatives | Westside Treatment

The popularity of 12-step meetings and the group that first organized and propagated them is unmatched. And when it comes to recovery addiction, some people are hard pressed to name an effective alternative to the basic AA program. For many, that’s fine – because AA is exactly what they want and what they need. But for many others, choosing AA as their path towards recovery might not be in their best interest. While the 12 steps can be effective, they… Read more »

Managing Chronic Pain In Sobriety

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Managing Chronic Pain In Sobriety | Westside Treatment

Chronic pain is a debilitating health condition with many different causes. Some people experience chronic pain due to a particularly bad injury and lack of total physical recovery. In other cases, it may be nerve damage from years of exposure to a certain pollutant or environmental hazard, or the pain may simply be part of a genetic disorder or general defect in the body. No matter what the cause, however, chronic pain can be a terrible condition to live with…. Read more »

“Working The Steps” Is A Way Of Life

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"Working The Steps" Is A Way Of Life | Westside Treatment

Among the many paths people choose to walk in their efforts to seek long-term sobriety and find a way out of the hellscape of addiction, perhaps the most publicized and discussed is the 12-step program. The 12-step program began back in the 30s, when two men struggling with alcoholism at the dawn of a post-Prohibition era decided that they needed help. And they sought that help from each other. Working together, these two men – Dr. Bob Smith and Bill… Read more »