What Makes Drug Addiction In Los Angeles So Easy To Fall Into?

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Drug Addiction In Los Angeles | Westside Treatment

Drug addiction in Los Angeles has often been called an urban problem, one that affects people in cities more than elsewhere in the country. However, recent statistics are showing that this trend, even if it did hold true in the past, most definitely doesn’t hold up today. With drugs like methamphetamine, opiates and prescription stimulants hitting the streets, fields and suburbs en masse, drug addiction isn’t just an urban problem anymore. However, for Los Angeles, the images of drugs and… Read more »

What Is An Intensive Outpatient Program?

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Intensive Outpatient Program | Westside Treatment

In most cases, the ideal first step towards a better life after addiction is through rehab. However, not all rehab is the same. Many facilities offer multiple types of programs, dependent on a client’s needs and circumstances. The most common ones are Inpatient and an intensive outpatient program. Inpatient or residential treatment is a common choice, as it allows clients to become full-time residents at a facility dedicated to early recovery and rehab – but it’s not an applicable treatment… Read more »