Cigna Rehab Coverage | Westside TreatmentWhen you’re ready for treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, having Cigna Rehab Coverage on your side can ensure that you gain the treatment you need to live a healthy and productive life. Admittedly, searching for the right rehab program for your needs — and one that accepts Cigna health insurance — can be overwhelming and even frustrating.

But locating a quality intensive outpatient program (IOP) that Cigna covers for drug or alcohol addiction treatment may be easier than you think. It’s a simple matter of engaging the rehab that seems best suited to your unique needs. Working closely with the treatment center, it’s much easier to work out the details of insurance acceptance than many people expect. Have the rehab program guide you through the process of reviewing your insurance benefits and ensuring that your intensive outpatient program will be covered.

Cigna Health Insurance Provides Better for Rehab Programs Today, Than Ever Before

Until just a few years ago, insurance companies balked at providing coverage for addiction rehabilitation. The Affordable Care Act changed this, along with companion legislation that has enabled people seeking rehab to gain the treatment they need for their legitimate disease.

Now the disease of addiction is recognized for what it is and is treated like any other disease under an insurance policy. Whether you or someone you love has diabetes, heart disease or a substance addiction problem, Cigna health insurance policies likely provide coverage.

When examining intensive outpatient programs for recovery from addiction, the key to ensuring optimum insurance coverage and lowest out-of-pocket expense lies in getting to know your policy. Find out what is covered and how you can maximize those benefits to achieve the lowest financial impact to you and your family.

Cigna Health Insurance Policies Often Cover Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive outpatient programs are particularly attractive to insurance providers like Cigna health insurance, as these don’t require residential lodging and extended services that living at a rehab facility require. Intensive outpatient programs can be considered an excellent candidate for coverage under nearly any insurance policy, when the intensive outpatient program and rehab is deemed the right fit for the patient’s needs.

To find out if your treatment at Westside Treatment in Los Angeles is included in your Cigna Rehab Coverage policy, you can work with experienced admissions specialists who know how to find out what your coverage includes. You only have to provide basic policy information from your insurance card to the helpful staff at Westside Treatment. An admission specialist will able to tell you everything from which assessments are required to establish medical need before program entry to how much out-of-pocket expense you will be responsible for, if any.

Westside Treatment Accepts Cigna Rehab Coverage

Westside Treatment in Los Angeles provides step-down methods of recovery for patients and their families battling heroin addiction and other substance abuse. Intensive outpatient programs are particularly effective at providing local support within a community of recovery.

Your Cigna Rehab Coverage policy will likely cover your intensive outpatient treatment. Call Westside Treatment today at (866) 978-9232 to learn more about the benefits of overcoming substance abuse within our supportive rehab program.