Family Support for Addiction | Westside TreatmentFamily support for addiction, as well as family involvement, is critical in recovery.

Westside Treatment believes that one of the keys to helping clients recover is to involve everyone and provide family support for addiction throughout the recovery process. So often we find that parents are either over involved in the clients life, or too removed. Our goal is to help our families rediscover the balance of parenting and self-care. Addiction drives not only the addict, but also the loving bystanders as well to act in ways that don’t serve them. We believe the key to success is helping our families shift as well. We have a specialized Family Coordinator (Amanda Shumow) who guides families through this process. The Family Coordinator’s main focus is how to help the loved ones of our clients. This ranges in twice weekly check-in phone calls, family support for addiction therapy sessions, family goal setting, family coaching, and two “Family and Friends” groups. We believe that once everyone has the care they need, change can truly be affected.