Los Angeles IOP Treatment | Westside TreatmentIOP, also known as an intensive outpatient program, is a type of addiction recovery that provides intensive treatment and counseling to patients while allowing them the freedom to live their lives. Our Los Angeles IOP treatment can be recommended for clients who don’t need to undergo medical detox, or clients who have just exited detox and want to continue recovery therapy while reintegrating into their work and family life.

IOP treatment at our Los Angeles Westside Treatment location helps clients through such varied resources as meditation, 12-Step programs, therapy, spirituality and more. Westside Treatment also provides dual diagnosis treatment and individual and group therapy.

Westside Treatment helps patients suffering from true co-occurring conditions, such as those with addiction and Bipolar Disorder, or addiction and depression. Even though nearly every addiction case comes with side issues such as depression and anxiety, Westside has years of experience helping patients with distinct dual issues at our Los Angeles IOP treatment center. A deep motivation for wellness is an essential part of recovering from addiction and Westside can help patients find that.

What Does Our Los Angeles IOP Treatment Program Consist Of?

The core services of our Los Angeles IOP treatment are group counseling and individual therapy. Westside Treatment provides both one-on-one and group therapy, as well as opportunities to work with outside providers as needed. We also provide a Family Coordinator to all clients to help support the family. Westside Treatment is particularly focused on family involvement while treating those suffering from addiction, which is also known as the wraparound model.

Group therapy in our Los Angeles IOP treatment works in support of the following:

  • Affording clients the opportunity to communicate effectively and participate in social situations, which especially helps those who previously socialized under the influence drugs or alcohol.
  • Giving clients an environment to help, support and confront one another, if necessary.
  • Providing clients with much needed structure and discipline, and providing healthy opportunities for interaction.
  • Creating an opportunity for clients to work on leadership skills to teach new information and give guidance to patients as they reinforce new behaviors.

IOP Treatment For Addiction

Los Angeles IOP Treatment | Westside TreatmentThere are certain differences between our Los Angeles IOP treatment and inpatient treatment programs. With inpatient treatment, you may be asked to share your living quarters with others. There are also facility operators that help assist your stay during treatment. With IOP, you can continue with your personal life and continue going to work or looking for a job. Westside Treatment will be there to help you deal with the stress of beginning the path to recovery even as you continue to conduct your personal life outside of treatment.

The Westside Treatment difference is that we treat patients’ entire families during treatment. We believe that a support system and healthy family environment is extremely important to a successful recovery from addiction. This is why Westside Treatment provides a dedicated Family Coordinator to integrate treatment. Recovery from addiction isn’t an individual effort; it takes the love and dedication from family and friends.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance abuse problem, then we hope you will reach out to Westside Treatment today at (866) 978-9232.