An Outpatient Alcohol Program Helps Fight Addiction

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Group of friends at the park. View from belowBeating an addiction to alcohol can be achieved through many different programs, but one particularly popular option is to enroll in an outpatient alcohol program. The outpatient model means that patients won’t have to stay overnight in a rehab facility, and they can rely on their current support systems and can maintain their careers. It’s important to realize that an outpatient alcohol program can be integral in fighting addiction.

Maintain a Sense of Normalcy in Life

One of the ways that outpatient alcohol programs can be effective is by allowing patients to maintain a sense of normalcy in their day-to-day lives. Uprooting individuals and having them spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a rehab facility may sometimes be necessary, but it can also be frustrating and difficult for some people.

Patients enrolled in an outpatient alcohol program are still able to sleep in their own beds, have breakfast at home and spend their evenings at home. Keeping this routine can sometimes be an advantage in reducing stress and avoiding a relapse.

Spend Time With Friends and Family While Involved with An Outpatient Alcohol Program

Many patients are fortunate enough to have the support of friends and family while they beat their alcohol addiction. A comprehensive family treatment, known as the wrap-around approach, helps family members who want to help their loved ones in the fight against addiction.

Still Have Access to Meaningful and Effective Therapy

An outpatient alcohol program may only require a few sessions each week, but those sessions represent the most important therapy for patients. Typically, patients will have one session of individual psychotherapy each week, which gives them the chance to talk about their progress with a specific counselor or psychologist. Patients will then attend group counseling sessions once or twice a week, which affords them the opportunity to share experiences, learn from one another and celebrate sobriety with people who truly understand their struggles.

Patients Can Still Keep Their Jobs or Attend School

Some patients are concerned about dropping everything to attend rehab, but outpatient alcohol programs are a way to have the best of both worlds. Patients enrolled in an outpatient alcohol program can still go to work or attend school, and they can schedule their therapy sessions, counseling or assessments around their daily activities.

Develops Lasting Coping Strategies

By participating in an outpatient alcohol program, patients have to immediately put what they learn to the test. Temptations are a constant, but outpatient programs can provide the tools and resources, based on a 12-step approach, that patients need in order to develop personalized and effective coping strategies to beat addiction day after day.

At Westside Treatment in Los Angeles, California, patients can access outpatient alcohol programs that meet their needs. Call 866-978-9232 to learn about the convenient, wrap-around approach that can help you take back control of your life.