Preparing Yourself for Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

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Preparing Yourself for Intensive Outpatient Drug TreatmentFor many people who struggle with addiction, intensive outpatient drug treatment (IOP) is the perfect compromise between a traditional outpatient program and a 24/7 inpatient program. If you or someone you love is planning to attend intensive outpatient drug treatment after detox, then some preparation may be necessary. Understanding and following these steps can ensure that participants reap the full benefits of the program.

Schedule Your IOP Sessions

At Westside Treatment, and at many rehab facilities that offer intensive outpatient drug treatment programs, IOP sessions take place once or twice each day at set times. IOP won’t take up your whole day, and is often something you’ll only need to schedule in a few times each week.

It’s strongly recommended that patients confirm the daily and weekly times for their IOP sessions. When sessions are confirmed, it’s far more likely that patients will stick to their appointments and arrive on time without missing a single counseling or group session.

Handle Any Job-Related or Family Obligations

Before beginning intensive outpatient drug treatment, patients will also need to take care of any job or family obligations. Taking mornings or afternoons off from work may not be possible, but many employers are flexible with scheduling if they know employees are working on bettering themselves.

Some patients also need to discuss their treatment schedule with friends and family members. Patients with children, for instance, might need to arrange for additional babysitting on some afternoons, or young adults may need to talk with their parents about how they are taking control of their lives through intensive outpatient drug treatment. Keep in mind that many of the best rehab programs offer family therapy through the wraparound approach.

Arrange Housing During Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

Many patients opt for IOP drug treatment because it allows them to stay in their own home during rehabilitation. However, others may decide to relocate for this portion of treatment. Before enrolling in IOP, ensure that you have a place to stay, since outpatient therapies don’t include accommodation for patients.

Consider Payment and Insurance Before Enrollment

Patients should aim to find an IOP drug program that accepts their form of insurance. The Affordable Care Act insures that drug treatment be treated as any other disease treatment and, ideally, a rehab facility should accept policies from major health insurance providers like Aetna, Humana, Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield, among others.

Learn What to Expect During IOP Drug Treatment

Finally, patients should understand what to expect from IOP drug treatment. Many IOP sessions take place in either the morning or afternoon and last anywhere from three to four hours. Expect group sessions as well as individual therapy once per week.

By adequately preparing and readying yourself for intensive outpatient drug treatment, you’ll be more responsive and receptive to the program. Call Westside Treatment in Los Angeles CA at 866-978-9232 to learn about the professional drug rehab options that can banish addiction for good.