The Advantages Of IOP Treatment Over 12 Step Programs

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IOP treatment | Westside Treatment

Addiction treatment is highly variable. Some forms of treatment work better for some patients than for others, and rarely for the exact same reasons. Finding an addiction treatment that best suits you requires seeking professional help, and getting the opinion of someone with both hands-on knowledge on addiction, and the access to your information.This is because there are many ways to treat an addiction. Some people utilize spirituality, and art. Some require medication to help them wean off the drugs… Read more »

What is A Good Estimate of Intensive Outpatient Program Hours?

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What is An Estimate of Intensive Outpatient Program Hours?

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on the level of addiction, substance abuse patients should expect to spend up to 90 days in recovery. The intensive outpatient program hours provides a multidisciplinary treatment approach that can successfully guide individuals through those eight to 12 weeks of rehab. While an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) doesn’t require overnight stays in a treatment facility, patients will have to make serious time commitments to doctors, counselors and support groups. Flexibility with… Read more »

Searching for Outpatient Treatment Near Me in LA

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Non-negotiable List for Intensive Outpatient Treatment Near Me

The search for the right fit in an intensive outpatient treatment program can be frustrating unless you come up with an organized plan. When looking for “outpatient treatment near me” in LA, you should write out a list first. Be sure to include all of the non-negotiable items and the items that weren’t absolutely essential but would be nice to find. It’s also helpful to draft some standard questions to ask each program contacted to ensure a fair comparison between them…. Read more »

Outpatient Rehab for Women — the Right Thing For Me?

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Key Considerations in Designing Outpatient Rehab for Women

If you’re a woman searching for outpatient rehab, you should seriously consider an outpatient rehab for women. Why? Because it will be geared toward the unique issues that women in addiction face. At Westside Treatment, the highly trained therapeutic staff fine tunes the intensive outpatient program with women and their families in mind. Whether patients are parents, siblings or children within their family units, they and their loved ones can benefit from customized IOP therapy. Key Considerations in Designing Outpatient… Read more »

How An Outpatient Alcohol Program Helps Fight Addiction

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An Outpatient Alcohol Program Helps Fight Addiction

Beating an addiction to alcohol can be achieved through many different programs, but one particularly popular option is to enroll in an outpatient alcohol program. The outpatient model means that patients won’t have to stay overnight in a rehab facility, and they can rely on their current support systems and can maintain their careers. It’s important to realize that an outpatient alcohol program can be integral in fighting addiction. Maintain a Sense of Normalcy in Life One of the ways… Read more »

The 12-Step Treatment Program Explained

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A 12-Step Treatment Program Key in Getting & Staying Sober

One of the most popular ways to treat addiction is through a 12-step treatment program. The 12-step treatment program can be very effective, especially when used in conjunction with additional treatment methods like family therapy and dual-diagnosis treatment. Anyone ready to take the next step and enroll in a rehabilitation program should at least be somewhat familiar with the tenets and benefits of the 12-step program. What are the 12 Steps? Anyone struggling with addiction, or anyone who wants to… Read more »