Can Addiction Kill Me?

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Addiction Can Kill | Westside Treatment

In short: yes, addiction can kill. But rather than keep it at that, it’s better to go in-depth into how and why addiction can kill you – and how you can keep it from killing you. There’s no doubt that addiction carries with it a lot of baggage. Not only can it lead to long-term damage to your health – addiction can change the way you behave and feel, and cause irreparable damage to your relationships and future. An addiction will… Read more »

Causes Of Addiction: How Does It Develop?

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Causes Of Addiction | Westside Treatment

Although the causes of addiction aren’t as big of a mystery to us as it may have been in the past, there are still many things we don’t completely understand. As meticulous as the scientific community can be, studies are imperfect, and many theories require years of research and data analysis to verify. As such, there is still a lot of controversy among scientists on some of the details. But a few things are undeniable, including the fact that there… Read more »