Sobering Up For The Holidays

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sobering up | Westside Treatment

The prospect of sobering up is daunting because drug addiction often makes people forget how to be sober. That isn’t just an exaggeration – it’s based on scientific fact. When the brain undergoes consistent and prolonged drug use, it gets damaged. And that brain damage extends beyond problems with cognition and problem solving, but goes deeper into severe damage to the brain’s reward system, and a corruption of the fundamentals of pleasure and happiness. That means sobering up doesn’t just… Read more »

Is A Drug Rehab Near Me The Best Choice for Sobriety or Should I Travel?

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Choosing a drug rehab facility isn’t necessarily an easy task, and there are a number of program types and locations to choose from. Many prospective patients think, “A drug rehab near me will be best.” However, that may not always be the case.   Answer the following important questions to determine whether it makes sense to stay close to home or travel for a drug rehab and the chance to pursue lifelong sobriety: Is There a Reputable, Accredited Drug Rehab… Read more »

Steps to Take to Prepare for Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

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Preparing Yourself for Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

For many people who struggle with addiction, intensive outpatient drug treatment (IOP) is the perfect compromise between a traditional outpatient program and a 24/7 inpatient program. If you or someone you love is planning to attend intensive outpatient drug treatment after detox, then some preparation may be necessary. Understanding and following these steps can ensure that participants reap the full benefits of the program. Schedule Your IOP Sessions At Westside Treatment, and at many rehab facilities that offer intensive outpatient… Read more »