How Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Work?

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At first glance, partial hospitalization sounds like a step down from intensive care or aftercare from a major medical procedure to those who don’t fully understand it. However, it does not have much to do with physical health. Instead, a partial hospitalization program offers outpatient mental health services, yet at a different level than inpatient or outpatient programs. A partial hospitalization program is one of many different tools available to treatment facilities, looking to help people through the rehabilitation process… Read more »

What Are the Differences Between PHP and IOP Treatment?

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Addiction recovery is more than rehab – it’s a lifelong commitment to yourself. Drug addiction tears people apart, breaking relationships and putting us down. It’s difficult to escape. For some, it even seems impossible. But when we do get out of that hell, it’s important that we dedicate ourselves to staying healthy, both physically and emotionally. It’s not just sobriety for the sake of sobriety. Staying clean just to be clean is no way to live. Instead, you should see… Read more »

Understanding Addiction Treatment Levels Of Care

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Understanding Addiction Treatment Levels Of Care | Westside Treatment

Professionally-assisted recovery comes in several stages of intensity and delivery, to cater to any possible case of addiction. As there is no way to cater to everyone, three distinct categories exist for rehabilitation and recovery programs – these are: Outpatient Programs Inpatient Programs Partial Hospitalization Between these three, there are several categories, specific considerations, custom factors and other individualities that change on a case-by-case basis, as is the nature of addiction treatment. For example – an outpatient program (OP) is basically… Read more »

IOP vs. PHP: Treatment Settings, Levels of Care, Patient Placement

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IOP vs. PHP: Treatment Settings, Levels of Care, Patient Placement | Westside Treatment

If you are ready to enter rehabilitation for your addiction, it’s important to understand all of your options. There are different levels of care depending on how intensive your treatment plan is. Each patient’s individual needs are assessed based on the level of their addiction, whether they can take weeks off of work, what their family obligations are, whether the treatment is court-ordered, and so on. Your addiction specialist will work with you to come up with the type of… Read more »