UnitedHealth Group Rehab Coverage | Westside TreatmentHaving UnitedHealth Group insurance can be an excellent asset when seeking intensive outpatient program rehab for yourself or someone you love. Through this insurance coverage, gaining the rehab needed for a productive and fulfilling life may be within reach. That said, finding the right program to accept your UnitedHealth Group Rehab Coverage policy often seems like a daunting task.

In reality, finding the right treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can be easier than you imagine. Simply reach out to the intensive outpatient program (IOP) you are interested in and have them determine if your UnitedHealth Group insurance policy covers intensive outpatient program treatment at their facility. Westside Treatment in Los Angeles can be a guide for you, cutting through the confusion of programs and what may or may not be covered under your insurance policy.

UnitedHealth Group Insurance Covers Rehab Programs Better Now Than Ever Before

In the past, many insurance companies didn’t cover addiction rehabilitation. But those days have ended, now that the Affordable Care Act and other legislation made changes in how addiction is regarded and treated within the insurance community.

Companies like UnitedHealth Group now understand that without rehab, entire families can suffer long-term and even deadly health ramifications due to the stress associated with substance addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction is now covered much like other diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

As you explore options of intensive outpatient programs for recovery from substance abuse, it helps to gain a better understanding of your UnitedHealth Group insurance policy to ensure best insurance coverage and lowest out-of-pocket cost. It’s important to take full advantage of your UnitedHealth Group Rehab Coverage policy if you need to enter recovery to experience the lowest possible financial impact for your household.

Your UnitedHealth Group Policy Likely Covers Intensive Outpatient Programs

UnitedHealth Group realizes that rejection of rehab coverage isn’t worth the extended health ramifications and associated insurance costs your whole household would experience if recovery isn’t gained. Still, UnitedHealth Group is a business, and they want to bring your recovery in at the lowest cost.

Intensive outpatient programs are a sort of “sweet spot” for insurance providers covering rehab. This is because intensive outpatient programs are, as their name implies, intensive. Yet these programs don’t carry the extensive costs of inpatient or residential treatment. Clearly, this makes intensive outpatient treatment an attractive option for the insurance provider.

To determine if your policy includes UnitedHealth Group Rehab Coverage for intensive outpatient treatment at Westside Treatment in Los Angeles, simply reach out to admissions representatives. These specialists know how to gain the answers to your insurance coverage questions and they can guide you through what will be covered as part of intensive outpatient treatment, versus any out-of-pocket expense you may need to absorb. These helpful staff members are one of your best resources in getting the help you need.

Westside Treatment Accepts UnitedHealth Group Rehab Coverage

In Los Angeles, Westside Treatment provides community-based rehab for individuals working to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. UnitedHealth Group is very supportive of patients’ recovery through intensive outpatient programs at Westside Treatment. Your policy may cover your rehab, or that of your loved one.

Your UnitedHealth Group Rehab Coverage policy will likely cover your intensive outpatient treatment costs. Contact Westside Treatment today at (866) 978-9232 to learn more about our intensive outpatient programs for you or a loved one.