Treatment DifferenceWestside Treatments prides itself on bringing treatment back to basics. We believe that the key to sustainable recovery lies in our approach that helps strengthen the client in areas of community, accountability, recovery, integration, needs, and goals. A number of our groups are experiential in nature and we make them fun and practical to help the client learn to lead a rich and fulfilling life. We ask, “What do you want to do with your life?” Group treatments include but not limited to relapse prevention, healthy relationships, anger management, stress reduction, mindfulness, art therapy, drama therapy, yoga, and a variety of other topics. When indicated, we also help individuals address issues of trauma and emotional dysregulation by providing somatic therapies, and DBT. We are proponents of having fun in recovery, and helping clients discover what is going to excite them and drive them. We also offer an extensive, individuated family program that brings the family system into the fold to help support the client.